Battle of the Brands


Design a 1,000 square foot interactive exhibition for 4th through 6th graders in the Podunk Museum of Design, using content developed by a classmate through the Schematic Design Phase. 


The entire exhibition is an interactive that culminates at the end of the experience. The young visitors learn about how brand identities are expressed through logo design and how that impacts our perception and decisions, using the design elements of type, color and shape. The visitors move through the exhibition, designing a brand identity and logo for a sneaker. In each section, the visitors learn about the design element and how it can be used to convey meaning. They also examine examples of how it has been used and then incorporate this element into their logo to convey their brand identity. At the end of the exhibition, they enter a room filled with sneakers with logos created by other visitors projected onto sneakers. They are prompted to express which they like the best, which they think their parents would like best and why.