Reach... Into the Deep


The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University had four touchable objects in a temporary exhibition that they wanted to incorporate in a small new exhibition - a giant clam, a meteorite, quartz crystal and brain coral. During my internship, I was to develop an exhibition to be quickly installed in the hallway leading up the children’s exhibition Outside In


The power of these touchable experiences is that these objects are not things that people would likely have the opportunity to ever see or touch. In order to leverage that power, I developed an exhibition that enables young visitors and their caretakers to tactilely and visually explore the depths of the universe that are ordinarily far beyond their reach. As the exhibition is for a young audience on their way to the exhibition Outside In, the text is minimal, incorporating some possible curiosities for the caregivers to discuss with the children. 

Responsibilities: Exhibit Development, Exhibit Design